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The Preep Family Cocktail bar


The Cocktail Bar close
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A place where the love for one’s work and the pleasure on conviviality find the right combination, in line with the philosophy of the Preep family, A home for those who enjoy being in good company.

We are growing to become the favorite place for cocktail lovers and anyone who wants to spend a quality evening in our venue.

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About us!

Great drinks and cocktails at the right price and with a smile that never hurts
Delicious American Bar with a warm, welcoming and informal atmosphere at the same time. Amazing host as much as the sublime Rum drunk with a superb chocolate. "A safe destination"
Great venue. top beer, fine cocktails prepared by Enzo and C, recommended
Muffled and welcoming atmosphere, at the level of the best European pubs; pleasant background music at the right volume; trained and capable staff but, above all, excellent drinks.
Being at home in the city center ... Professionalism and attention to customers.
What a great thing! Time loses sense and the staff are nice because they are varied!

Call us at 349 892 3751

Monday Sunday
12.00 - 3.00

Piazza Yenne, 25
09124 Cagliari